Why dry with the Advanced Hemp Dryer?
The advanced hemp dryer uses exceptionally conditioned air to dry hemp at temperatures well below the range at which decarboxylation occurs. Our dryers work efficiently to maintain the quality of your crop at every stage of the drying process.
How do your dryers work?
Our dryers operate using 240 or 480 V 3-phase electricity to run the motor and require either propane or natural gas as a heat source. This heat conditions, or dries out, the air which then flows through the crop and evaporates the moisture from the crop.
What size dryers do you supply?
Our drying trailers are 53’ long and 102” wide. There is an internal drying floor that allows for adequate airflow. Growers can load between 1,000 and 2,000 whole plants (depending on size) into the trailer. The number of plants that can be loaded depends on plant size and mass.
What temperatures do your dryers reach?
Our dryers operate at a temperature range from 70-120 degrees F. This temperature range is dependent upon the temperature and humidity of the ambient air.
Where are your dyers manufactured?
Our dryers are manufactured and assembled in Georgia.
Do your dryers decarboxylate hemp?
Decarboxilation occurs at different temperatures for different compounds within the plant. Our dryers offer one of the widest temperature ranges of any dryer. This allows the drying process to be tailored to the needs of the grower/processor.
How do you pack and transport your dryers?
Our drying system is comprised of two parts: the trailer and the dryer. The dryers are assembled and packaged inside the trailer and delivered together. A lift of some type will be needed to remove the dryer from the trailer.
Do you offer dryer maintenance?
If needed, we do have parts and service technicians readily available.
What are the cost of your dryers?
Our dryers are offered at a very competitive price. We do offer package pricing and discounts where available.
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