How Hemp Drying Works

The Advanced Hemp Dryer is easy to use and maintain, and offers the highest technology for drying.

1. Load

After harvesting all of your hemp plants, load the Advanced Hemp Dryer up to four feet high. Our design allows for easy loading and accessibility.

2. Dry

Once you have loaded all your hemp plants, attach the dryer which can be set to your preferred temperature. Let the dryer run during the day or over the night for your desired results.

3. Repeat

Once your hemp is dried, usually around 12-16 hours depending on the environment conditions, unload the Advanced Hemp Dryer and repeat the process.

16 Hour Drying Cycles

Over 100 Years of Combined Experience

Plants Dried Per Day

Advanced Hemp Dryer Benefits

The Advanced Hemp Dryer is capable of drying a minimum of 2,000 plants in a 16-20 hour period. Our patented design consists of two parts, the drying unit and advanced dryer. The mobile drying unit is 53’ long, 100” wide, and has a 40% open drying floor. The advanced dryer can have it’s temperature regulated with the built-in thermostat, allowing each grower to dry at their desired temperature. This creates an environment where conditioned air, not hot air, can dry the hemp in a uniform and efficient manner to maximize crop output and retain quality.

The Drying Process

A Quality Product

Why Advanced Hemp


The Advanced Hemp Dryer is designed in a way to be both cost effective for smaller farmers, but also designed to be scalable for larger operations.


Unlike industrial dryers, the Advanced Hemp Dryer can be transported with ease. Simply hook to the mobile unit and take it to the field where it can be easily loaded. Once loaded, return the unit back to your facility for drying. If you need to move the entire unit from one farm to another, simply load the dryer in the back of the mobile unit and take it to another farming operation down the road.

High Quality Hemp

Have full control over the drying process. Set the thermostat at your desired temperature to achieve the end product that you prefer for your operation/processor. Our design also allows for even drying across all of your hemp plants that are loaded in the Advanced Hemp Dryer.


The Advanced Hemp Dryer has an average shelf life of 15 years. This is the highest amongst all competitors. With minimal issues and maintenance cost, lose the headache of using other alternatives. Having been in the drying industry since 1995, we understand how to create a high-quality product that lasts!

About Us

With over 100 combined years of experience producing agricultural machinery, Advanced Trailer and LMCAg Manufacturing launched the advanced hemp drying solution for growers in 2019.